Artes y Artesanias

Healing through the Arts

Book Arts – A Healing Journey

I am the descendant of a matrilinea in which failure to address mental health issues has caused great pain. My relationship with my mother was fraught with turmoil that finally found surcease through a shamanic soul retrieval. As a result, I was freed to consider less venomously the impact of a lifetime of hurts.  I recorded the miracle of that shamanic heaing in my first book arts project.

Click on the images to see captions and learn more about Soul Retrieval.

I am currently working on two books addressing my matrilineal heritage.   One is an artist book for children, based upon the construction of imagined diaries of my great-grandmother.  The other is a an historical narrative exploring the life experiences of powerful women touched by mental health issues as constructed within the times they lived.

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