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!Ay, Frida! ?Como lo hiciste?

viernes, 15 de abril
Ten days since the first fall, eight physical therapy sessions (w/a second fall on Day 3, imagelots of support from my housemates & the staff @ Sustainable Bolivia – and here I am lying prone on the couch in the salon @ Casa Principal SB.

I have managed to complete one project – a “renov-artion” of a soiled & ugly lampshade for my bedside table. There are many more ideas in my head, but working while completely inclined is not my most productive posture. And sitting or standing for any length of time is counter-productively painful.

Next on the list are fresh maquettes of blank folded booklets to share w/the women w/whom I will share sacred space in the domestic violence shelter – if this body ever recovers enough to get me out of the house for something other than physical therapy. For reasons beyond my current comprehension, I left several sample booklets – as well as a few idea & how-to manuals – in my Lansing basement studio. I had Angie Schuyler gather everthing together for me, but decided against having her send it via UPS ($75.00!!!).


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This entry was posted on May 15, 2016 by in Art as Healing.
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