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Day of Rest and Fine Dining @1200′

7:00 am, Wednesday, 29 March 2016 The taxi driver leaves me at the front of a multi-story modern office building. A man exiting an elevator directs me to the 5th floor.

Whoops! There is a mix-up with my reservation!  Although the hotel is not expecting me until tomorrow, they offer me  the first available room, a place to sit,  and a glass of water. I settle in for a long wait (I mean, seriously, who checks out of a hotel @ dawn?) and chug down the water. The manager proffers a complimentary breakfast, but I am too exhausted to move from the couch to the dining area.

In less that half an hour 🤓 my luggage & I are trundled to a glass & chrome space age room, where I quickly manage to get into a nightgown before tumbling into a king-size bed (a step up from my original reservation).

10:30 am. Uh oh! Forgot to verify that the glass of water was bottled, rather than from the tap. 😳 I luxuriate in a floor-to-ceiling glassed in shower and then head to the dining area. So glad to have waited to have a rest before tucking into today’s breakfast fare…..


Mushroom, asparagus, & queso criollo (slightly salty mild white cheese)-filled crepe, drizzled w/sweet tomato sauce

…..followed up by a slice of coconut and citrus pie & a cup of tea (w/bottled water!)

Back in my room, it’s time for more napping.

5:00 pm  The view from my window includes a cluster of two-story tile roof residences, along with a small plaza where people are enjoying the afternoon sun. The cloudless blue sky beckons me outdoors. My Tired-o-Meter, however,  convinces my asthmatic lungs to skip walking outdoors at 1200′ above sea level in favor of using the free cocktail card at the hotel bar.


Afternoon blog session w/Mint Rum Mojito, accompanied by dried cracked corn kernels

7:00 pm Dinner includes a salad & hors d’oeuvres buffet, plus choices among three entrees. Of course, I choose ceviche!  This day of rest & pampering ends w/the most decadent of desserts on the menu (half of which will serve as a morning breakfast treat). Click here to see the entire menu in Spanish.

The entire meal comes to 115Bs, which converts to about $16.50 US. I’m glad I chose a place to rest and enjoy wild foodie fare. I am sure the coming days will bring their own “Right this Moment” experiences.


One comment on “Day of Rest and Fine Dining @1200′

  1. Gail
    April 17, 2016

    So excited to hear of all your adventures. Thanks for the pictures. Enjoy the journey.


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