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Healing through the Arts

Collage – For those afraid to paint or draw

At some point in life many people decide that they aren’t artists because they “can’t draw…..paint…..sing…..act” or they’re “just not creative.”  Maybe these kinds of art didn’t come to them naturally and they freaked out when comparing their efforts to someone else’s.  Maybe they didn’t have the support of a helpful advocate or someone who knew how to nurture their inner artist  Maybe they heard the judgment coming from outside themselves.  Maybe nobody was able to convince them otherwise.

Believe to AchieveAs long as we keep saying, “I can’t,” we will prove ourselves absolutely right.  For years I accepted the judgment of an adult who should have known better than to tell me I had no talent for the arts.  When a friend asked who created all the “art” in my apartment, I shrugged it off.  “It’s just needlework and decoupage, not art!”  My friend assured me otherwise, but it was many years before I began to think she might have been right.

It all began with asking someone to sign up with me for a drawing class, figuring I’d be less likely to quit with a companion to nudge me to go.   The instructor had us begin by sketching proportional ovals to create the underpinnings of a human body.  The results weren’t stellar, but it was a good first step.

Next we signed up for a day-long workshop about domestic violence.  Responding to a prompt from the writing instructor, we tore out words and pictures from magazines.  The collage instructor showed us how to make sure what we glued down would stay in place without big bumps or wrinkles forming.

Heck!  Even I could make something look reasonably good by cutting, pasting, and paying attention to perspective.  I was on my way to becoming a collage artist!

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